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What powers does a trust protector need?

3 “Super Powers” Every Trust Protector Should Have

By McDonald Law Firm, LLC |

Today, many estate plans in Maryland contain irrevocable trusts that will continue for the benefit of a spouse’s lifetime, and then for the benefit of several generations.  Since these trusts are designed to span multiple decades, it is important that they include a trust protector who will have the ability to adjust the trust… Read More »

How to Avoid a Will Contest

4 Tips for Avoiding a Trust or Will Contest

By McDonald Law Firm, LLC |

A trust or will contest can derail your final wishes, rapidly deplete your estate, and tear your loved ones apart. If you are concerns about the possibility of challenges to your estate plan, the best way to prevent a trust or will contest is with proper planning.   4 Ways to help your family… Read More »

How to Avoid Living Probate

Avoid Living Probate: How to Keep Guardians and Conservators Out of Your Estate

By McDonald Law Firm, LLC |

While most proactive individuals know the importance of having a well-rounded estate plan, it is typically considered as something that will take effect after they have passed away. But there are in fact many ways in which comprehensive estate planning can have a positive impact on your life while you are still around to… Read More »

Why Every College Student Should Have a College Protection Plan

Attention Parents: Make Sure You Can Be a Parent to Your College-Aged Child in an Emergency!

By McDonald Law Firm, LLC |

With the new school year rapidly approaching and every parent knows that preparing to send their son or daughter to college is one of the most exciting and nerve-wrecking period in raising a child! You’ll worry whether they will eat properly, study enough, get good grades, or get enough sleep. While we can’t help… Read More »

Lifetime Planning for the game of life: Don't roll the dice!

Lifetime Planning vs. Deathtime Planning (and why you need both)

By McDonald Law Firm, LLC |

There is a misconception among the general public that “estate planning” is only for the wealthy. According to a March 2017 survey by, six out of ten Americans have no will or any other kind of estate plan in place. Many said they’d get around to it, eventually. When they’re old. (The survey… Read More »

how can I protect my children's inheritance ? 3 estate planning tools to consider

3 Estate Planning Tools to Safeguard Your Children’s Inheritance

By McDonald Law Firm, LLC |

Parents who develop an estate plan often do so to provide for their heirs financially. In Columbia, MD and beyond, parents simply want to make sure their hard-earned assets, family heirlooms, and closely held businesses stay within the family. Indeed, one of the most common questions that clients ask is ” How can I… Read More »

Why estate planning for military families is so important (and how to make sure your family is protected)

Estate Planning for Military: Is Your Family Protected?

By McDonald Law Firm, LLC |

As the United States just celebrated its 241st birthday on July, 4th, 2017, it is important to honor the men and women who have fought for our freedoms and those who continue to defend our freedoms today. We salute you! Just as it is important for non-military members to have an estate plan in… Read More »

How to avoid probate in Maryland? This "do it yourself" strategy could backfire...

Caution: Writing Your Own Deed to Avoid Probate Can Lead to Unintended Consequences

By McDonald Law Firm, LLC |

Are you wondering how to avoid probate in Maryland? If so, you want to make sure you’re going about it the right way… In Howard County and beyond, one common way to avoid probate of real estate after the owner dies is to hold the title to the property in joint names with rights… Read More »

Why your comprehensive estate plan needs asset protection

How to Build a Comprehensive Estate Plan that Includes Asset Protection

By McDonald Law Firm, LLC |

Much of estate planning has to do with the way a person’s assets will be distributed upon their death. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. From smart incapacity planning to diligent probate avoidance, there is a lot that goes into crafting a comprehensive estate plan. One important factor to consider is asset… Read More »

The truth about using asset protection planning to make sure your wealth is secure

“Cover Your Assets!” The Truth About Asset Protection Planning

By McDonald Law Firm, LLC |

Some people believe that asset protection planning is a less-than-ethical form of wealth planning.  They believe there is a moral obligation to pay one’s debts, and therefore think that asset protection planning is immoral because it prevents a creditor from collecting on a judgment entered by a court. The truth is . . …. Read More »

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